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Are you interested in writing blog articles, NewInTrends giving the opportunity to all the Authors who want to share their ideas on our blog? through Write For Us, Here you can share Fashion, Shopping, Lifestyle, Health, Beauty tips on our website.  Our aim is to provide a fruitful information to the world especially for fashion lovers, online marketing, online retailers etc. We think sharing information is the biggest source of knowledge, it will provide an opportunity to gain knowledge and provide the best knowledge pool to others. Anyhow you are interested in writing blogs and share on our website, you can contact at “johnessteve05@gmail.com“.

Guidelines for Article Submission

The article should be unique and have quality content, which enables to share valuable information. Please provide grammatical error and plagiarism free article so that our user will get the correct information. This blog is not a place for the promotional article so gave us the green article. Please note all the article you submit should be more than 700 words. Thanks for your efforts in advance and all the best for your success. Thanks please read the topics of the article related to the following categories.

Topics For Guest Blog Posts

  • Trending Fashion
  • Fashion Styles, Fashion brands, Market and Anything new about Fashion
  • Digital marketing, SEO techniques, SEO tools
  • App Development, Website Development
  • Online marketing, New Strategy
  • Web development, Marketing
  • Related to Fashion Websites, reviews and Analysis
  • Top 10 Fashion Companies, Items, brands etc

Approval and Publication of Article

If you want to publish an Article on our website with your reference link. You can contact us on email and send your Article title so that we mutually understand. After approval of an article you can send your article. The Article will be published in two working days and after publishing it we will send you the live URL.

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