Sand Cove Plush Euro Pillowtop Mattress – California King – Sealy, White

Sand Cove Plush Euro Pillowtop Mattress – California King – Sealy, White

Find Mattresses at! With the Sealy Sand Cove Plush Euro Pillowtop Mattress, you can feel confident that you are indulging yourself in the quality Sealy has consistently provided its customers for the past 100 years. This mattress features Individually Encased Sealy Stability Coils. Since each coil is individually encased, the coils deliver improved stability over standard mattress coils. When each coil is encased, it reduces the motion transferred from coil to coil when there is movement. The result is fewer interruptions between sleep partners during the night, and overall better quality sleep. A layer of Sealy’s memory foam lays on top of the coils, to provide cushioning comfort coupled with pressure relief for more comfortable sleeping. They memory foam plus the Sealy Stability Coil provide the highest level of comfort and support in the Sealy line. After the layer of memory foam, the Sand Cove mattress also features a layer of Sealy’s Gel Foam, which is designed to conform to the unique shape of every body and help promote a cool sleeping environment. A plush Euro Pillowtop ensures extra softness to the mattress. Lastly, this mattress features Sealy’s Solid Edge system. The Solid Edge system creates a solid mattress edge for sitting which in turn maximizes the usable bed surface. This version of the Sealy Sand Cove mattress is considered to be a plush mattress, for those who prefer to sleep on a softer surface. The Sand Cove mattress includes a 10 year warranty. When purchasing a new mattress, please keep in mind the New Mattress Break-in Period, which is a minimimum period of 30 days in which your body gets used to the new support system. Sealy has over a century of experience in making mattresses you can rely on and the Sealy Sand Cove Plush Euro Pillowtop Mattress is sure to provide years of peaceful rest. Size: California King. Color: White.


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