How to style Graphic Ties How to style Graphic Ties

Graphic ties are not boring, graphic is the new cool”. A trend never simply emerges for a single year and then disappears in a puff of smoke. Instead, an aesthetic becomes popular gradually, even mysteriously, over time before frizzing out slowly without much notice at all, this trend is really deserving and you know what? It adds the perfect blend of youthfulness and funk to every look. Guys, walk away straight from those boring office looks with the same common ties and move on to get a ton of options of graphic and statement ties and surely this will add a dose of personality to your wardrobe. It’s high time, come on say good bye to the ho-hum neckties, we have taken the trading and made it extraordinary, just like you! Yes, this is a thing and it looks more awesome than it sounds.

For the modern men and women who want to stay in vogue, it’s important to move with the elbow and flow of the fashion tide. But don’t worry we are here to keep you head above the proverbial waters. Here we are taking you to the world of trending and fashionable graphic ties by ” Kerry Parker “, these statement ties will give you some serious fashion goals

and you know what’s the most amazing thing? They are unisex, yes you heard it right ladies no need to get disappointed. Break away from the standard and often dull look of average neck wear with these graphic printed nerdy neckties. The standard suit combo is usually only accented by different hue tie or some cuff- links but what if you could shake it up in the office? Well now you can. Our ties collection come with different themes such as monochrome, Sherlocked, classic (Marilyn), retro colour block, comic effect, modern Shakespeare, classic (Audrey), wonder comic strip, knot- on- a break and many more and if you are feeling particularly adventurous then you are at the right place.

We are here to help you style these quirky graphic tie from our collection. Adding a pop of print to your spring look at this pop art inspired comic print has losing all chill for the weather to heat up! Our graphic monochrome tie is a necessary purchase for this spring and summer this will add that formal yet sassy hint in your look and it can be paired with any outfit of solid shades. If you love Sherlock homes? We’ve got hot rod Sherlocked ties, you can team it up with any pastel shirt or dress. We have those retro block ties that have taken their stylish influence from more recent decades the colourful block patches that adds fun and funk in your look which can be paired up with a crisp shirt, cool t-shirt and even crop top. Need some lady luck? She’s right here to bring you good fortune and is available in our classic (Marilyn) ties, the white hue of the tie makes it look good with almost every attire.

If you   are striving for ultimate peppiness, then you should go for our wonder comic strips it will give you a fresh and youthful look instantly, pair it up with neat and neutral attire, great look for theme parties and night outs with friends.

Also you can try modern Shakespeare it’s for           those with bold attitude, you can add a hat to this to make it fun and interesting. Also, we have the comic effect ones with love for comics and you can show this to the world to, wear it on any casual dinner or college, it’ll give dimensions to your look. Trust us, you can rock any of these looks easily with balancing the colours and prints.

Turn on the charm with these statement ties for snazzy style that will have you wanting to rock this funky men’s and women’s wear staple all day, every day. Get this stylish look that will make everyone jealous of you out of office vibes by adding these fresh prints, patterns and colours in your wardrobe. Most importantly pick the tie that speaks to you, invite them all to your wardrobe for a part! It’s yours style amplified.

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