Brica Seat Guardian, Black

Brica Seat Guardian, Black

Find Car Seats and Boosters at! When you’re a family on the go, kids and car seats can be hard on your car and its upholstery. The Brica Seat Guardian helps keep it looking like new. The easy-clean Grime Guard fabric keeps dirt and spills off your seats and provides essential protection against fabric or leather compression damage. Cookies, crackers and even juice stay off your seat with the spill and crumb catcher. Safety is top priority, and our crash-tested Dual Grip Traction technology helps prevent car seats from unwanted movement, keeping them in the proper, secure position. The rear-facing kick mat allows you to keep your toddler rear-facing until the recommended age of two or even longer. With a sturdy, unique design and extra-tall back panel, the Brica Seat Guardian is built to last, so you can use it with all of your car seats as your baby grows. • Xtra-Grip Traction Pads help prevent slip • Extra-large for superior coverage • Works with all car seat styles • Durable, water-resistant material • Adjustable headrest strap keeps mat in place Color: Black. Gender: Unisex.


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