A Guide to Choosing the Best Hair Clippers

Keeping your hair and beard well groomed is essential for your appearance and confidence. For this reason it is important to schedule a regular trip to your professional barber or hairdresser. Unfortunately, not many people in the current economic situation can afford a professional hair cut or beard trim at least once in every week. Nonetheless, this should never be an excuse to neglect the crown of your image as you can easily groom your head and beard from your home. It is cheaper, convenient and efficient. All you need is to invest in the best hair clippers and learn how to use them the right way.

How to Choose the Ideal Hair Clippers

Considering the variety of clippers available in the market today, selecting the best one for your needs is never an easy task. Hair clippers are not made equal. They come in different brands, models and designs among other features and it is important to understand what makes one better than the other. Different users also have varied grooming needs and this too would influence your choice. The best thing is to understand your current and future needs and look for a high quality tool that will efficiently serve your needs. Here are some criteria to guide you on how to purchase the best hair clippers that suits your requirements.

5 Things to Look for when Shopping for a Professional Clipper

  1. Price – Like any other commodities, hair clippers cost differently even when they seem to be physically similar. Some models are much affordable while others are extremely expensive. The difference in the price could be due to having more attachments, more power, durability or additional special features that makes your cutting experience easier. However, your decision should not be solely based on the pricing as you may find a model that have numerous attachment and more power for less than a popular brand with less power and fewer accessories. The best approach is to set your budget and proceed to check the device that offers the best quality and extra features.
  2. The Clippers Design and Weight – Most buyers overlook the design and the weight when selecting hair clippers. Clippers may have equal power and accessories but some are heavy weight and hard to control while others are lightweight and easy to handle and control. The ideal thing is to get a design that offers an easy grip and light enough to avoid straining your wrists especially when shaving hard areas like the back of your head. A lightweight and manoeuvrable clipper is easier to control helping you to produce a clean and painless haircut.
  3. The Clippers Power – Another important quality is the power. A more powerful motor requires fewer strokes when working around your head or beard. It means that each pass cuts more hairs and effortless cutting through thick and coarse hairs, knots or tangles. A powerful clipper also saves the time you use to shave or trim your hair as well as produce a cleaner and more precise job. You should always look for the most powerful hair clippers that falls within your budget.
  4. Corded Vs. Cordless Clippers – If you plan to use your clippers for long hours every day, a corded clipper will be the best for you. However, if you need a tool for your personal grooming or family use, a cordless model is offers more benefits that the corded one. First you are not restricted to shave or trim near the power source and no cord that will come your way when trimming. It also comes with a charging station which makes it ideal to carry around when you are travelling and give yourself that perfect touch to maintain your impressive look. Most cordless clippers are also easy to clean as they can be rinsed under running water to remove any trapped hairs.
  5. Additional Accessories – There are many affordable models that come with several attachments. These accessories may include different lengths guide combs that help to separate the hair allowing the clippers blade to produce a clean and smooth cut or trim as well as achieve an even hair length. Some clippers are packed with lubricating oil, blade guards / safety cones, cleaning brushes and a storage system.

It is also advisable to consider other factors like your skills and experience, the purpose of the clippers, and your must have accessories. This will help you in selecting a model that you can comfortably use to satisfy your beard and head grooming demands. If you choose a cordless model, the batter life matters as it will determine how long you can use the device without having to recharge or change the battery. Another most forgotten aspect is the warranty period. Some manufacturers offer Money Back Guarantee which is not only economically sensible but also a proof of quality.

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